Bilbao Berria UK
Bilbao Berria UK


Launched in 2014, Bilbao Berria offers smart and elegant dining for newcomers to Spanish food as well as the more seasoned culinary traveller. Spread over two floor and specialising in Northern Spanish cuisine, the menu includes distinctive dishes and ingredients inspired by both Basque and Catalan kitchens. Jamón Ibérico is hand-carved by the restaurant´s in house 'Jamoneros', whose expertise is bound to impress. Their mastery with a carving knife bring somes Mediterranean flare and is guaranteed to catch guests' attention. Less than a year after the opening, in April 2015, Bilbao Berria was crowned“Best Spanish Restaurant of the Year Award” by the Latin UK Awards (LUKAS 2015).
To enquire about bespoke wine tastings, special events, private hire and menus, please call us on 020 7930 8408.

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Located in the West End of London, Regent Street is one of the major shopping streets in the city. Very buildings in this street are protected as a listed building with at least Grade II. Shops and restaurants are the treasure of Regent Street.


En el corazón de Londres se ubica nuestro restaurante: Regent Street es una calle de ocio, bullicio y shopping y un punto de encuentro para cualquier londinense.


Londres es un melting-pot: allí se mezclan culturas, tradiciones y estilos de vida que juntos crean una fusión de lo más extraordinaria.


Nuestra gastronomía, que une los sabores de la mejor cocina española se junta con toques londinenses y un estilo europeo para que vivas la mejor experiencia culinaria.


Traemos desde España los mejors vinos de nuestra tierra para que puedas saborearlos y catar sus aromas, contrastes y matices en pleno centro de Londres.